The Secret Garden at Century Village

The Secret Garden at Century Village

The Secret Garden at Century VillageThe Secret Garden at Century VillageThe Secret Garden at Century Village

Pembroke Pines, FL

Welcome to the Garden


A 1/2 acre botanical garden created and maintained by three volunteer senior citizens with picks, shovels and more than a little determination.


Our volunteers range from 60 to 77 years and have contributed the trees, shrubs, flowers, soil, fertilizer, mulch and supplies that create this space of great beauty and value to the environment.


Over time, the garden has expanded to support the life cycle of 44 species of butterflies and countless birds.

Garden Highlights


The Secret Garden is an ongoing 14 year volunteer project that took a barren area and put in a 1/2 Acre Butterfly Garden and Bird Sanctuary filled with Native trees and shrubs, butterfly nectar plants and the necessary host plants. To date have documented 44 species of Butterflies and Moths in the Garden, and have other valuable insects such as Honeybees and Ladybugs.


The garden is a two time winner of the Natalie Belmonte Great Yards Award for 2013 and 2017, and winner of the Broward County Emerald Award for Special Achievement in 2014. The garden has been Nominated for the Broward County Legacy award for 2020. The winner will be announced sometime February of 2020. 


Certified by Broward NatureScape in 2007, the National Wildlife Federation in 2008 and the North American Butterfly Association in 2011. Because of its 14 year existence and the fact that it continued to grow and promote wildlife, the garden was awarded permanent certification by the National Wildlife Federation in 2018. This certification

helped the City of Pembroke Pines achieve its certification by NWF in 2018. 

A Birder's Paradise

The Secret Garden sustains many species of birds, including Warblers, Gnatcatchers,

Mockingbirds, Blue Jays, Woodpeckers and Hummingbirds with food, water and nesting


Diverse and Accessible Surroundings

There are many sections in the garden, including a large variety of Palms (Known as Palm Glade), Exotic Tropicals and Bromeliads, Large Wildflower Areas. Butterfly Hill. The Sunken Garden and Little Hawaii. There are now close to 150 Orchids in the trees giving the community a mini Orchid festival when they bloom. There are 7 benches scattered throughout the garden as well as a brick walkway for those with walkers and wheelchairs, and a concrete entrance which mimics natural stone and mounted stained glass butterflies at both entrances. 

A Multipurpose Venue

The garden has become a venue, hosting a wedding, and has been used as a backdrop for portrait photographers for graduations and quinceaneras. The Secret Garden has also been featured on Pembroke Pines CC television. In 2015 the garden volunteers began holding open houses for the community serving refreshments to promote the arts, environmental awareness and education. A sampling of events were Orchid classes,

painting lessons, and guest speakers from Broward NatureScape. 

Feeding the Community

To help feed our senior community, we also grow Papaya, Mango, Avocado, Moringa, Mulberry and Sour sop trees and we have 2 herb gardens. Our plan is to have an urban garden area with a raised planter so residents who wish to participate can sit and work their area.


Thank you for Your Support

The garden depends on volunteers and sincerely appreciates donations of materials or money when possible. 

In 2019, the Secret Garden applied to become a Not For Profit corporation and is awaiting the final letter from the IRS. This is expected sometime in February of 2020.

Have a Green Thumb? Want a tour?

The Secret Garden is located inside of a gated Senior Community known as Century

Village. If you would like more information regarding the garden, a tour, or if you would

like to donate to our cause, please contact: 

Lisa Sigelbaum - (954) 470 - 6589. President & Founder of the Garden


Abraham (Abe) Weissmark - (954) 232 -9369. Vice President of the Garden

The Secret Garden at Century Village, Pembroke Pines

900 SW 128 Ave. 201-D, Pembroke Pines, FL 33027 US